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Error while replicating example

See original GitHub issue

Hi, I tried to replicate one of the example that provided in this repo. In this case, I tried to replicate the Amazon one. I ran the code using param_amazon_linear like the one documented in that example, but all I got was this:

> java -Xmx3048m -jar StackNet.jar train train_file=train.sparse test_file=test.sparse params=param_amazon_linear.txt pred_file=amazon_linear_pred.csv test_target=false verbose=true Threads=1 sparse=true folds=5 seed=1 metric=auc
parameter name : train_file value :  train.sparse
parameter name : test_file value :  test.sparse
parameter name : params value :  param_amazon_linear.txt
parameter name : pred_file value :  amazon_linear_pred.csv
parameter name : test_target value :  false
parameter name : verbose value :  true
parameter name : threads value :  1
parameter name : sparse value :  true
parameter name : folds value :  5
parameter name : seed value :  1
parameter name : metric value :  auc
a train method needs to have a task which may be regression or classification

After I checked for awhile, it didn’t produce any output file. Is there something that I did wrong?

Additional note: I also already produced train.sparse and test.sparse by running

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  • Created 6 years ago
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goldentom42commented, Aug 2, 2017

@Kaz-Anova, you’re welcome 😉 StackNet is a very powerful lib and reading your code is always a great source of inspiration. @arisbw, that’s right StackNet supports any coma separated text file as long as the first column is your target for the train file. if the test file does not contain a target then test_target argument should be set to false.

kaz-Anovacommented, Aug 2, 2017

I have added task=classification to the example. I have not updated StackNet for a while but I am working in the background to allow support for sklearn and keras models.

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