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Until all the beautiful docs are updated, I figure it would be nice to have a place where the core breaking changes are documented.

So far from looking at commits since mid August, I’ve observed the following:

  1. Moon.component is now Moon.extend
  2. instead of el, it is root when creating a moon app
  3. instead of the m-model attribute, it is now named m-bind
  4. Any plugins or other things that access the internal attributes like $children now use a version without $
  5. SVG stuff now just is called SVG instead of isSVG
  6. To say that an element is text type, it was TEXT_TYPE, but now the shorter literal "#text" is used

There’s a couple things that I don’t quite know about, like dynamic and functional when it comes to component things.

What other bumps are there in transitioning?

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kbrshcommented, Dec 24, 2017

DOM properties are now set with a new directive: m-dom. It’s a replacement for m-literal:prop.dom. Also, static elements are marked with a flag along with being hoisted.

These both were added in e6208979ff29f45584c92238871b8123c1bf26f8.

russelgcommented, Dec 11, 2017

In regards to that .set change, it should probably be mentioned the old keypath method (i.e .set('obj.prop.nested')) does not work anymore.

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