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Expand notion of configuration context

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In order to support display (#2) and reset (#8) of connector offsets, the concept of the configuration context should be expanded. We need to have the information about the Kafka bootstrap server(s) as well as the name of the offset topic. The suggestion is to introduce a notion of named context which take all the required configuration and allowing the the user to switch between them (#19).

# local is the name of the context
$ kcctl config set-context local --cluster=my-connect:8083 --bootstrap-servers=my-kafka:9092 --offset-topic=my-offsets
Using context local

The information about all the configured contexts would be stored in JSON format in the ~/.kcctl configuration file. Commands that don’t need the additional attributes, should gracefully handle the current format of ~/.kcctl (solely containing the KC URL). Commands which do need the additional attributes, should raise an error when encountering a file in the legacy format, indicating how to use set-context for updating it.

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gunnarmorlingcommented, Aug 17, 2021

Yes, I’d say so. In general, feel free to make a decision by yourself on things like that. I can still bring up any concerns during code review if I feel strongly about it.

gunnarmorlingcommented, Aug 17, 2021

Sure, it’s fine either way. Your call 😃

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