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Getting error when running this script...

See original GitHub issue
192-168-1-4:Source jimmygunawan$ python -g /Users/jimmygunawan/tentacle.gltf  -o tentacle.usda
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 1081, in <module>
    convert_to_usd(args.gltf_file, args.usd_file, args.fps, args.verbose)
  File "", line 1070, in convert_to_usd
    GLTF2USD(gltf_file=gltf_file, usd_file=usd_file, fps=fps, verbose=verbose)
  File "", line 62, in __init__
  File "", line 1056, in convert
  File "", line 98, in convert_nodes_to_xform
    self._convert_node_to_xform(node, node_index, xform_name)
  File "", line 149, in _convert_node_to_xform
    self._convert_node_to_xform(self.gltf_loader.json_data['nodes'][child_index], child_index, xform_path + '/node{}'.format(child_index))
  File "", line 145, in _convert_node_to_xform
    self._convert_mesh_to_xform(self.gltf_loader.json_data['meshes'][node['mesh']], usd_parent_node, node_index)
  File "", line 169, in _convert_mesh_to_xform
    self._convert_primitive_to_mesh(name=mesh_primitive_name, primitive=mesh_primitive, usd_parent_node=usd_parent_node, node_index=node_index, double_sided = double_sided)
  File "", line 230, in _convert_primitive_to_mesh
    self._convert_skin_to_usd(gltf_node, node_index, usd_parent_node, mesh)
  File "", line 687, in _convert_skin_to_usd
AttributeError: 'Skeleton' object has no attribute 'CreateBindTransformsAttr'

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  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:8 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

kcoleycommented, Aug 16, 2018

Hi @enzyme69, thanks for trying out this tool and flagging your issues!

Did you build your USD against version 18.09? Some of the API calls I am using, such as CreateBindTransformsAttr are not available in earlier versions of USD. Updating your USD should at least resolve this error.

The “File name too long” error is because I have not handled base64 strings yet during conversion, so it only handles glTF assets with external texture references. I plan on supporting that very soon.

The last error is a bug, since shutil.copyfile does not overwrite files in the same directory. As a temporary solution, can you try running this command?:

python -g monster.gltf -o monster/monster.usda

This should create a new directory called “monster” and export all the textures and USD file within it. I will work on fixing the shutil issue.

Again thanks for trying out this tool and I’ll get to these bugs ASAP!

kcoleycommented, Aug 17, 2018

@enzyme69 great! Btw, I made some tweaks to gltf2usd this morning, so that the animations play on iOS now. Feel free to pull the latest master and see if that works for you.

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