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CJS and ESM issue

See original GitHub issue

Using this library with SvelteKit, I received the following error message:

svelte-notifications doesn't appear to be written in CJS, but also doesn't appear to be a valid ES module (i.e. it doesn't have "type": "module" or an .mjs extension for the entry point). Please contact the package author to fix.

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  • Created 2 years ago
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  • Comments:15 (11 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

usernamuscommented, Feb 8, 2022

Guys I’m working on this. So far I haven’t spent much time but I hope I can fix this

chbertcommented, Jan 31, 2022

Just in case it helps, same error here:

  • Mac OS X 12.1
  • “svelte-notifications”: “^0.9.93”,
  • “svelte”: “^3.46.3”,
  • @sveltejs/kit”: “next”,
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