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Runtime error in shiftnd

See original GitHub issue

Here is my code:

from image_registration import chi2_shift
from image_registration.fft_tools import shift

# -- Looping over subimages --

image_data1 = fits.getdata(sys.argv[1], ext=x)
image_data2 = fits.getdata(sys.argv[2], ext=x)
noise = np.zeros_like(image_data1,dtype=np.float)
xoff, yoff, exoff, eyoff = chi2_shift(image_data1, image_data2, noise, return_error=True, upsample_factor='auto')
shifted_image_data2 = shift.shiftnd(image_data2, -yoff, -xoff)

and here is the runtime error:

  File "./", line 128, in <module>
    shifted_image_data2 = shift.shiftnd(image_data2, -yoff, -xoff)
  File "/home/blah/site-packages/image_registration/fft_tools/", line 103, in shiftnd
    for dim,(off,nx) in enumerate(zip(offset,data.shape))],
TypeError: zip argument #1 must support iteration

It runs without error for shift.shift2d but produces a very shifted image for two almost aligned images.

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  • Created 6 years ago
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keflavichcommented, Sep 1, 2020

the infrastructure is out of date. Thanks for pointing this out @cosmicoder ; it’s going to take a bit of work to refactor this.

keflavichcommented, Sep 1, 2020

yes, it looks like readthedocs is not building any more

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