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cc65 / c89 / c90 compiler support suggestions.

See original GitHub issue

To support c89 with try catch you could base your output off “setjmp” && “longjmp”.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <setjmp.h>

jmp_buf __threadExceptionBuff;

#define TRY switch(setjmp(__threadExceptionBuff)) { case 0: while(1) {
#define CATCH(x) break; case x:
#define FINALLY break; } default: {
#define TRY_END break; } }
#define THROW(x) longjmp(__threadExceptionBuff, x)

#define EXCEPTION (1)

void Foo()

void main()
        printf("Catch Not Implemented Exception\n");
        printf("Catch Exception\n");

To support c89 local variable scoping rules. You could define all of local variables that live on the stack at the top of each block. Example:

struct A
    int x, y;

void Foo()
    // all local stack objects within this scope get pre-defined up here at the top of the block
    A a;
    A a2;
    int i;

    // Now you can use them normally and this will compile in c89....
    for (i = 0; i != 1; ++i)
        // all local stack objects within this scope get pre-defined up here at the top of the block
        A b;
        float t;
        // do stuff....

I use the c65 compiler to test out portability:

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zezba9000commented, Nov 16, 2018

Yes the “GitHub topics”. Makes it easier for others to find your project 😃

kekyocommented, Nov 16, 2018

Are you explaining it about the “GitHub topics?” I didn’t know it! I’ll set it.

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