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bug parsing arguments

See original GitHub issue

Hi, In your main function, when you parsing the args - you have to store:


into variable ‘args’ if you subsequently want to use it as a dict. So do this instead:

args = vars(ap.parse_args()

of even better (but be careful, now ‘args’ is not a dict but namespace object):

args = ap.parse_args()

then you can access values in namespace object as follows:

args.input_image1 args.input_image2 args.output_image

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disarticulatecommented, Apr 3, 2018

I’ve been looking into this.

You cannot use the JPG format for LSB or really any encoding, because the compression is lossy, therefore all bits will disappear when the function tries to resassmble.


There’s a possibility of encoding without decompression here:

scgbckbonecommented, Apr 2, 2018

I double checked and now it works correctly with either python2 or python3.

Lastly, if you have some idea about why this is not working with JPG format, please let me know.

to be honest, I have no idea

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