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Github Enterprise and HTTPS certs

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This is a

  • bug report
  • feature request


VSCode: 1.28.2 Extension: 2.1.1

I’m using Github Enterprise at the company.

I get this error on trying to dl gists:

GIST ERROR: Could Not Insert > Reason: request to failed, reason: unable to verify the first certificate

Our Github Enterprise instance is NOT behind HTTPS proxy. I still set it like this:

Predictably, this has not helped.

Unfortunately let’s just say that there is no way to get our GHE to get proper certificates installed.

Obviously, this may be the core VSCode issue and not the one in your extension. If there’s no way to fix this on your side, pls let me know, I’ll open bug report at main VSCode repo.

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  • Created 5 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

mrkafkcommented, Jan 29, 2019

It is so annoying that I cannot access gists that I’ve done some investigation myself.

Octokit seems to provide option for an https agent:

const Octokit = require('@octokit/rest')
const octokit = new Octokit({
  // see "Authentication" section below
  auth: undefined,

  // setting a user agent is required:
  // v1.2.3 will be current @octokit/rest version
  userAgent: 'octokit/rest.js v1.2.3',

  // add list of previews you’d like to enable globally,
  // see
  // Example: ['jean-grey-preview', 'symmetra-preview']
  previews: [],

  // set custom URL for on-premise GitHub Enterprise installations
  baseUrl: '',

  request: {
    // Node.js only: advanced request options can be passed as http(s) agent,
    // such as custom SSL certificate or proxy settings.
    // See
    agent: undefined,

    // request timeout in ms. 0 means no timeout
    timeout: 0

Per :

The following additional options from tls.connect() are also accepted: ca, cert, ciphers, clientCertEngine, crl, dhparam, ecdhCurve, honorCipherOrder, key, passphrase, pfx, rejectUnauthorized, secureOptions, secureProtocol, servername, sessionIdContext.

So there could be a way of specifying local CA root cert or specific HTTPS cert for this.

If you make a test version of the extension, I’m willing to test it. (never compiled VSCode extension myself so I’m not sure if I can do that correctly, but I can test .vsix file)

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