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Any plans to continue maintenance on this library?

See original GitHub issue

I see that the last release on pypi was 1.4.0, which was released on April 18, 2015.

There seems to be a few useful features implemented or partially implemented since then. I’m mainly interested in the update() functionality partially implemented in

So, should we expect maintenance and development to continue for this library?

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ailjushkincommented, Oct 13, 2019

The problem

This repo is actively used in projects around the world having 700 thousands of downloads monthly. In compairson to all its forks it is still the main python package that should be maintained. But because the author of this project is no longer want to be a maintainer, this project overgrowth with different forks which is not good, because normally those forks should be merged overhere and be released under a new version of python-jsonpath-rw.

As I understood it correctly, @kennknowles will give write access permissions to any new maintainer who will breathe new life into this repository.

Repository analytics

I’ve analyzed each fork of this repo.

For now we have bunch of small old individual forks with few commits and one big fork as an alternative package implementation (but it was left without support since 2017) from @h2non user.

Minor forks

They can be considered as potential PRs to this repository. Those guys have small unmerged commits but their forks are no longer developed after that.

@mloudon - on 14 Jul 2014: @zsolt-erl - on 7 Jan 2015: @yougov - on 31 Mar 2015 @cdent - on 22 May 2015 @jonathanglima - on 5 Jul 2016 @wangjild on 10 Mar 2017 - @ejhayes on 5 Dec 2018 @NaasCraft committed on 28 Oct 2018 @kaapstorm committed on 21 Mar 2018 @movermeyer committed on 5 Mar 2018 @nick9999 committed on 25 Oct 2017 and @tianjuan committed on 13 Jul 2017

One major fork

This guy has started an alternative version of python-jsonpath-rw called h2non/jsonpath-ng and this fork were in active development for some time and it even overgrown with his own forks:

@h2non last committed on 26 Nov 2017:

Its forks are:

@guandalf committed on 10 Jul @dlacher1 committed on 27 Jun @rahendatri committed on 22 May @dcreemer committed on 5 Jan 2018 @jksecurity committed on 11 Sep 2017

What next steps should be done in order to keep this project up to date

  1. Notify each person who wants to maintain this project and give them permissions to do it - post your comments here in the thread if you are ready for that.
  2. Merge “major fork” into this project.
  3. Gradually review each fork of the project, contact the authors and decide on the merge of these changes into the main project.
sherbangcommented, Jun 24, 2021

In case it helps others. My search for a jsonpath library ended with me using JMESPath for my use-case. I wrote a short blog post on my decision process.

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