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Alphabet conversion from Hugging Faces do not work

See original GitHub issue

Following the tutorial:

from pyctcdecode import Alphabet, BeamSearchDecoderCTC

vocab_dict = {'<pad>': 0, '<s>': 1, '</s>': 2, '<unk>': 3, '|': 4, 'E': 5, 'T': 6, 'A': 7, 'O': 8, 'N': 9, 'I': 10, 'H': 11, 'S': 12, 'R': 13, 'D': 14, 'L': 15, 'U': 16, 'M': 17, 'W': 18, 'C': 19, 'F': 20, 'G': 21, 'Y': 22, 'P': 23, 'B': 24, 'V': 25, 'K': 26, "'": 27, 'X': 28, 'J': 29, 'Q': 30, 'Z': 31}

# make alphabet
vocab_list = list(vocab_dict.keys())
# convert ctc blank character representation
vocab_list[0] = ""
# replace special characters
vocab_list[1] = "⁇"
vocab_list[2] = "⁇"
vocab_list[3] = "⁇"
# convert space character representation
vocab_list[4] = " "
# specify ctc blank char index, since conventially it is the last entry of the logit matrix
alphabet = Alphabet.build_bpe_alphabet(vocab_list, ctc_token_idx=0)

Results in:

ValueError: Unknown BPE format for vocabulary. Supported formats are 1) ▁ for indicating a space and 2) ## for continuation of a word.

I’m trying to use a HuggingFaces model with a KenLM decoding but I can’t get past this point. Thanks in advance.

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  • Created 2 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

flariutcommented, Jun 15, 2021

Georg, I think that was the culprit of my problem. After some tests now I can confirm the language model is being applied and the alpha and beta settings change a lot the results, so it’s up to my particular use case to test and tune. Thanks a lot for your time and hope my little inconvience at least serves to refine the tutorials 😃

gkucskocommented, Jun 18, 2021

adding extra protection in #4

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