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Error while loading weights

See original GitHub issue

KeyError: 'unexpected key "module.features.conv0.weight" in state_dict'

I’m using densenet-201-kinetics.pth file with the file from models folder.

net = densenet.densenet201(sample_size=64, sample_duration=30, num_classes=400)
pretrained_weights = torch.load(pretrained_path)

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  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:6 (6 by maintainers)

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kenshoharacommented, Dec 22, 2017

I could reproduce the error and solve it. I trained the model using GPUs. So, the model is wrapped by nn.DataParallel. You have to wrap the model using nn.DataParallel before load_state.

import torch
from torch import nn
import densenet
net = densenet.densenet201(sample_size=64, sample_duration=30, num_classes=400)

net = nn.DataParallel(net, device_ids=None)

pretrained_weights = torch.load('densenet-201-kinetics.pth')
skrish13commented, Dec 22, 2017

woohoo. thanks a lot! 😄

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