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Register Image Resize using Angular 4

See original GitHub issue

Hello I’m trying to use image resize plugin inside angular 4 app.

i noticed that i should use a webpack and configure the webpack .config.js file in order to get rid of

Cannot read property ‘imports’ of undefined

so, i used the anulgar cli before i eject the webpack.config.js file using the following command: ng eject

this produced the webpack.config.js file, i tried to modify it by inserting the following code “Base on the following issue and comments”:

i successfully added this

    test: /\.js$/,
    exclude: /node_modules(?!\/quill-image-drop-module|quill-image-resize-module)/,
    loader: 'babel-loader',
    query: {...}

to the modules in webpack.config.js file.

and the i added this to the plugins:

 new webpack.ProvidePlugin({
    'window.Quill': 'quill'

but whenever i tried to build the app using

npm run build

it fails.

do you have any suggestions?

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  • Created 6 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

viniciusaugutiscommented, May 25, 2018

People who are having difficulty using the quill image resize module with ANGULAR-CLI e ANGULAR 2+ Here’s a way to not have to tinker with the webpack.config.ts file


npm install quill --save
npm install quill-image-resize-module --save


"scripts": [


import * as QuillNamespace from 'quill';
let Quill: any = QuillNamespace;
import ImageResize from 'quill-image-resize-module';
Quill.register('modules/imageResize', ImageResize);

this.editor_modules = {
      toolbar: {
        container: [
          [{ 'font': [] }],
          [{ 'size': ['small', false, 'large', 'huge'] }],
          ['bold', 'italic', 'underline', 'strike'],
          [{ 'header': 1 }, { 'header': 2 }],
          [{ 'color': [] }, { 'background': [] }],
          [{ 'list': 'ordered' }, { 'list': 'bullet' }],
          [{ 'align': [] }],
          ['link', 'image']
      imageResize: true

Componente.html <quill-editor [modules]="editor_modules" [(ngModel)]="content"></quill-editor>

allahyarcommented, Mar 4, 2020

It’s okay in the serve mode , This error occurs after the build !

Angular: 8.2.13


This way works for me in Angular 7-8

component file

import ImageResize from 'quill-image-resize-module';
Quill.register('modules/imageResize', ImageResize);
const modules = {
      imageResize: true


"scripts": ["node_modules/quill/dist/quill.min.js"],

No need to deal with angular.json for each of the modules.

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