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codegen seems to be running before other plugins regardless of order?

See original GitHub issue

In short, I’m having this issue:

// @codegen

import fs from 'fs';

the above throws unexpected token import, if I remove the // @codegen line it works fine. My babel plugins are:

 ['transform-es2015-modules-commonjs', 'transform-flow-comments', 'codegen']

I’d expect that codegen would get code transformed from transform-es2015-modules-commonjs and then execute that, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. Thoughts?

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  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:9 (6 by maintainers)

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kentcdoddscommented, Jun 29, 2018

babel-plugin-codegen no longer runs your codegen-source code through babel. It must be written in code that’s supported natively in the version of node you’re running.

linonetwocommented, Jun 29, 2018

I get

SyntaxError: Unexpected token, expected ";" (2:84)
      1 | /* @babel/template */;
    > 2 | {lastNameClose: ({ lastNameClose }) => new Date(lastNameClose),lastPervoteBucketFill: ({ lastPervoteBucketFill }) => new Date(lastPervoteBucketFill)}
        |                                                                                    ^

Trying to do so:

export const GlobalStatus = {
  ...codegen`module.exports = '{' + ['lastNameClose', 'lastPervoteBucketFill'].map(field =>
    \`\${field}: ({ \${field} }) => new Date(\${field})\`
  ).join(',') + '}'`,
// to
export const GlobalStatus = {
    lastNameClose: ({ lastNameClose }) => new Date(lastNameClose),
    lastPervoteBucketFill: ({ lastPervoteBucketFill }) => new Date(lastPervoteBucketFill),
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