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False positive in macrosRegex

See original GitHub issue

We recently released @formatjs/macro and got this issue for a user. The macro we use is not compatible with babel-plugin-macros because we use that in TS transformer & eslint as well so we don’t wrap it, but it looks like babel-plugin-macros might be too aggressive and throw an error if it detects anything that looks like macrosRegex. My suggestion: Can we turn this into a warning?

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  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:18 (9 by maintainers)

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AndyOGocommented, Dec 9, 2019

Alright, to whom it may concerns.

We had to extend our Babel config to supply a custom isMacrosName() function.


// Fixes
const macrosRegex = /[./]macro(\.js)?$/;
const testMacrosRegex = v =>
  macrosRegex.test(v) && v.indexOf('@formatjs/macro') === -1;
module.exports = {
  plugins: [
        isMacrosName: testMacrosRegex,
AndyOGocommented, Dec 9, 2019

@kentcdodds I couldn’t find any documentation for isMacrosName(), neither in user docs, nor author docs.

I face the same warning from @formatjs/macro as described here

Here is the reuslt of npm ls:

@axa-ch/aletheia@1.21.9 git-repos\aletheia
+-- babel-plugin-macros@2.8.0
+-- babel-plugin-react-intl@5.1.11
+-- import-all.macro@2.0.3
| `-- babel-plugin-macros@2.8.0  deduped
`-- react-intl@3.9.1

Error Log:

FAIL  src/components/wizard/Wizard.test.js
  ● Test suite failed to run
    git-repos\aletheia\node_modules\react-intl\dist\index.js: The macro imported from "@formatjs/macro" must be wrapped in "createMacro" which you can get from "babel-plugin-macros". Please refer to the documentation to see how to do this properly:
      at applyMacros (node_modules/babel-plugin-macros/dist/index.js:211:11)
      at node_modules/babel-plugin-macros/dist/index.js:153:30
          at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
      at VariableDeclaration (node_modules/babel-plugin-macros/dist/index.js:143:55)
      at NodePath._call (node_modules/@babel/traverse/lib/path/context.js:55:20)
      at (node_modules/@babel/traverse/lib/path/context.js:42:17)
      at NodePath.visit (node_modules/@babel/traverse/lib/path/context.js:90:31)
      at TraversalContext.visitQueue (node_modules/@babel/traverse/lib/context.js:112:16)
      at TraversalContext.visitMultiple (node_modules/@babel/traverse/lib/context.js:79:17)
      at TraversalContext.visit (node_modules/@babel/traverse/lib/context.js:138:19)
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