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Can't load media in Anki 2.1.35

See original GitHub issue

When creating a new deck with a set of new cards, running the line my_package.media_files = media_list, and importing the .apkg file to Anki the media names do appear in the cards fields, but neither the images are shown or the sound is being played, which seems to indicate that my_package.media_files is not doing its job (here is a sample code that supposedly should work that I also tried:

It took me a while to realize why my new Anki decks could not show the media files that I wanted to, until I ended up changing my_package.media_files = media_list with the following function, where media_path is the folder where Anki stores all the media (C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\User 1\

def move_media(media_list, media_path): for file in media_list: ...destination = media_path + '\\' + os.path.basename(file) ...shutil.move(file, destination)

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  • Created 3 years ago
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kerrickstaleycommented, Jan 21, 2021

Thanks for the help @remiberthoz !!

woodsonchilduniversecommented, Jan 17, 2021

Environment : Python 3.6.6 genanki 0.10 (I used pip to update it today) Windows Problem : image cannot show on the anki The apkg file:1the picture are in the file 2the media which I open in notebook is right.And I post its context below. {“0”: “21.png”, “1”: “1.png”, “2”: “2.png”, “3”: “3.png”, “4”: “4.png”, “5”: “5.png”, “6”: “6.png”, “7”: “7.png”, “8”: “8.png”, “9”: “9.png”, “10”: “10.png”, “11”: “11.png”, “12”: “12.png”, “13”: “13.png”, “14”: “14.png”, “15”: “15.png”, “16”: “16.png”, “17”: “17.png”, “18”: “18.png”, “19”: “19.png”, “20”: “20.png”} My code is below.

pictureList =['D:\\Desktop\\xyz\\word\\media\\21.png', 'D:\\Desktop\\xyz\\word\\media\\1.png', 'D:\\Desktop\\xyz\\word\\media\\2.png', 'D:\\Desktop\\xyz\\word\\media\\3.png', 'D:\\Desktop\\xyz\\word\\media\\4.png', 'D:\\Desktop\\xyz\\word\\media\\5.png', 'D:\\Desktop\\xyz\\word\\media\\6.png', 'D:\\Desktop\\xyz\\word\\media\\7.png', 'D:\\Desktop\\xyz\\word\\media\\8.png', 'D:\\Desktop\\xyz\\word\\media\\9.png', 'D:\\Desktop\\xyz\\word\\media\\10.png', 'D:\\Desktop\\xyz\\word\\media\\11.png', 'D:\\Desktop\\xyz\\word\\media\\12.png', 'D:\\Desktop\\xyz\\word\\media\\13.png', 'D:\\Desktop\\xyz\\word\\media\\14.png', 'D:\\Desktop\\xyz\\word\\media\\15.png', 'D:\\Desktop\\xyz\\word\\media\\16.png', 'D:\\Desktop\\xyz\\word\\media\\17.png', 'D:\\Desktop\\xyz\\word\\media\\18.png', 'D:\\Desktop\\xyz\\word\\media\\19.png', 'D:\\Desktop\\xyz\\word\\media\\20.png']

def makeApkg(List):
    #Using a list to generate a apkg.file
    my_model = genanki.Model(
    'Simple Model with Media',
    {'name': 'Question'},
    {'name': 'Answer'},
    {'name': 'MyMedia'},
    {'name': 'MyAnswerMedia'}     	# ADD THIS
    'name': 'Card 1',
    'qfmt': '{{Question}}<br>{{MyMedia}}',              # AND THIS
    'afmt': '{{FrontSide}}<hr id="answer">{{MyAnswerMedia}}<br>{{Answer}}',
    deckname = "newDecks"
    decknumber = 98765675
    my_deck = genanki.Deck(
    mediaFile = r"D:\Desktop\xyz\word\media"
    #The pictures are in this file.
    imageList = []
    #anki media files

    MyMedia = ""
    MyAnswerMedia = ""

    for picture in List:
        MyMedia += '<img src = ' + '"' + os.path.basename(picture) + '"' + '/>'
        MyAnswerMedia += '<br>'+ '<img src = ' + '"' + os.path.basename(picture) + '"' + '/>'
        question = "sdfg"
        answer = "kjhgh"
        # two randon strings
        fields=[question, answer, MyMedia, MyAnswerMedia])

    my_package = genanki.Package(my_deck)
    my_package.media_files = imageList
    my_package.write_to_file(deckname + r".apkg")

Here is my apkg file.I rename it to upload.

By the way thanks for your article and your package,Both help me greatly.It is really a fantastic article.

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