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Form Render - No Text Field Labels / Broken when translating messages

See original GitHub issue

When rendering the form the text field labels are being used as placeholders. I noticed that this problem was due to the translated subtype messages. Instead of text, password, email, color it displays Option 0, Option 1 … You should update your Docs (and be more careful with it). For now I’ll just comment out the subtype messages.

Notice the fields added clicking repeatedly (mentioned in another issue) formbuilder formbuilder2 formbuilder3

Here is the json that generates the javascript object I’m using in messages option (it is a copy of the default options in the docs): (I’m using localization)

        "addOption": "Add Option",
        "allFieldsRemoved": "All fields were removed.",
        "allowSelect": "Allow Select",
        "autocomplete": "Autocomplete",
        "button": "Button",
        "cannotBeEmpty": "This field cannot be empty",
        "checkboxGroup": "Checkbox Group",
        "checkbox": "Checkbox",
        "checkboxes": "Checkboxes",
        "className": "Class",
        "clearAllMessage": "Are you sure you want to clear all fields?",
        "clearAll": "Clear",
        "close": "Close",
        "content": "Content",
        "copy": "Copy To Clipboard",
        "dateField": "Date Field",
        "description": "Help Text",
        "descriptionField": "Description",
        "devMode": "Developer Mode",
        "editNames": "Edit Names",
        "editorTitle": "Form Elements",
        "editXML": "Edit XML",
        "enableOther": "Enable 'Other'",
        "enableOtherMsg": "Permit users to enter an unlisted option",
        "fieldDeleteWarning": false,
        "fieldVars": "Field Variables",
        "fieldNonEditable": "This field cannot be edited.",
        "fieldRemoveWarning": "Are you sure you want to remove this field?",
        "fileUpload": "File Upload",
        "formUpdated": "Form Updated",
        "getStarted": "Drag a field from the right to this area",
        "header": "Header",
        "hide": "Edit",
        "hidden": "Hidden Input",
        "label": "Label",
        "labelEmpty": "Field Label cannot be empty",
        "limitRole": "Limit access to one or more of the following roles:",
        "mandatory": "Mandatory",
        "maxlength": "Max Length",
        "minOptionMessage": "This field requires a minimum of 2 options",
        "name": "Name",
        "rows": "Rows",
        "value": "Value",
        "no": "No",
        "number": "Number",
        "off": "Off",
        "on": "On",
        "option": "Option",
        "optional": "optional",
        "optionLabelPlaceholder": "Label",
        "optionValuePlaceholder": "Value",
        "optionEmpty": "Option value required",
        "other": "Other",
        "paragraph": "Paragraph",
        "placeholder": "Placeholder",
        "placeholders": {
            "value": "Value",
            "label": "Label",
            "text": "",
            "textarea": "",
            "email": "Enter you email",
            "placeholder": "",
            "className": "space separated classes",
            "password": "Enter your password"
        "preview": "Preview",
        "radioGroup": "Radio Group",
        "radio": "Radio",
        "removeMessage": "Remove Element",
        "remove": "×",
        "required": "Required",
        "richText": "Rich Text Editor",
        "roles": "Access",
        "save": "Save",
        "selectOptions": "Options",
        "select": "Select",
        "selectColor": "Select Color",
        "selectionsMessage": "Allow Multiple Selections",
        "size": "Size",
        "sizes": {
            "xs": "Extra Small",
            "sm": "Small",
            "m": "Default",
            "lg": "Large"
        "style": "Style",
        "styles": {
            "btn": {
                "default": "Default",
                "danger": "Danger",
                "info": "Info",
                "primary": "Primary",
                "success": "Success",
                "warning": "Warning"
        "subtype": "Type",
        "subtypes": {
            "text": [
            "button": [
            "header": [
            "paragraph": [
        "text": "Text Field",
        "textArea": "Text Area",
        "toggle": "Toggle",
        "warning": "Warning!",
        "viewXML": "</>",
        "yes": "Yes"

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  • Created 7 years ago
  • Comments:5 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

kevinchappellcommented, Oct 30, 2016

This is related to a subtype issue that was brought up in the gitter chat is will be fixed in the next version.

kevinchappellcommented, May 23, 2017

This is resolved in current version. As a side note, 2.x now also has built-in i18n allowing you to load languages files directly or in conjunction with i18next.js

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