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v2.0.0 Beta Testing

See original GitHub issue

Version 2.x.x represents an almost complete rewrite from the ground-up, expect it to be rough around the edges until we complete a few rounds of beta testing. Thanks for helping make Mintable better.

What’s New in v2.0.0

  • Complete (~4000 lines) rewrite: Kept all the good stuff from v1.x.x, trimmed the fat where possible.
  • Migration to Typescript: Easier to reason about correctness & establish rigid API constraints for integrations.
  • Migration Script: Migrate your v1.x.x installation over in one command.
  • Simplified Install Process/Documentation: Get up-and-running with Mintable in 3 commands.
  • Global npm package: Call mintable as a command, anywhere on your machine without cloning anything.
  • mintable CLI/setup wizard: Configure everything through an automated CLI-based setup wizard.
  • Config Validation: Tells you the exact spot where your config is broken (if relevant).
  • Better Logging: Almost every point of failure logs a human-readable error message.
  • Debug Mode: Optionally log the results of every API request to debug strange behavior.
  • Error Reporting: Click a single link which auto-fills an issue on GitHub with error/machine info.
  • Balances Sheet: View the balances of all your accounts automatically on one sheet.
  • Per-Account Configuration: Pull some accounts from Plaid, and others from a CSV (like Apple Card).
  • CSV Exporter: Optionally export your results to a CSV file and use Excel/Numbers if you don’t trust Google.
  • Lots more

What You’ve Helped Fix

Testing Instructions

I’ve compiled a Testing Checklist below if you have the time, but if you don’t want to start from scratch, I’d still appreciate any feedback.

Please report an Issue for anything not listed above which seems like a regression/bug and apply the Bug: v2.0.0 Beta label. If you encounter any issues with these instructions themselves or have any general feedback, please leave a comment below.

Testing Checklist

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

kevinschaichcommented, Jun 24, 2020

@dflock @yawhide @eliluong @kev1nnsays @pickettd @mspych @thomastraum @mrginogit @nboley2 @willie – Thank you for your incredible patience here. Today is the day.

I’ve updated the issue description with instructions on how you can help test v2.0.0. Happy testing – and thank you so much for helping make Mintable better.

kevinschaichcommented, Jul 17, 2020

@dflock @yawhide @eliluong @kev1nnsays @pickettd @mspych @thomastraum @mrginogit @nboley2 @willie – Hey all!

Apologies for the @ spam – I wanted to make sure this reaches you guys before the masses. Barring any DEFCON-1 issues, I think we can shoot for the beginning of August for a tentative release date. Wanted to ask you guys to read through the conversation above and if you haven’t already, test out whatever you have time for:

  • Testing checklist above
  • Additional features mentioned in my subsequent comments above

Let me know what’s broken, what’s not intuitive, and what’s not documented well. I hope we can make v2.0.0 a great release and pain-free upgrade for everybody.

Thank you so much for your continued contributions to make personal finance more accessible to our community! 😄

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