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Starter Project w/Knex Adapter Failing on Startup

See original GitHub issue

Bug report

Describe the bug

I followed the quick start guide. I wanted to create the β€œStarter (Users + Authentication)” type of app with the PostgreSQL database. Below is an output from my terminal of what I did (PLEASE NOTE: I had already created the database on a previous try that ended in the exact same error).

To Reproduce

ο…Ή  ~/Projects ❯ yarn create keystone-app school-dispatch                                                                                                                                      ο‰’ 4s
yarn create v1.22.4
[1/4] πŸ”  Resolving packages...
[2/4] 🚚  Fetching packages...
[3/4] πŸ”—  Linking dependencies...
[4/4] πŸ”¨  Building fresh packages...
success Installed "create-keystone-app@1.7.0" with binaries:
      - create-keystone-app
[############################################################] 60/60

 ╦╔═ ╔═╗ ╦ ╦ ╔═╗ ╔╦╗ ╔═╗ β•”β•—β•” ╔═╗  ╦ ╔═╗
 β• β•©β•— β•‘β•£  β•šβ•¦β• β•šβ•β•—  β•‘  β•‘ β•‘ β•‘β•‘β•‘ β•‘β•£   β•‘ β•šβ•β•—
 β•© β•© β•šβ•β•  β•©  β•šβ•β•  β•©  β•šβ•β• β•β•šβ• β•šβ•β• β•šβ• β•šβ•β•

Answer a few questions and we'll generate a starter project for you.

βœ” What is your project name? … School Dispatch
βœ” Select a starter project β€Ί Starter (Users + Authentication)
βœ” Select an adapter β€Ί Knex
βœ” Copying project files
Installing dependencies with yarn. This could take a few minutes.
βœ” Installed dependencies

  πŸŽ‰  KeystoneJS created a starter project in: school-dispatch

  To launch your app, run:

  - cd school-dispatch
  - yarn dev

  Next steps:

  - View your app
  - Edit school-dispatch/index.js to customize your app.
  - Open the Admin UI
  - Read the docs
  - Star KeystoneJS on GitHub

✨  Done in 48.18s.
ο…Ή  ~/Projects ❯ cd school-dispatch                                                                                                                                                           ο‰’ 48s
ο…Ή  ~/Projects/school-dispatch ❯ yarn dev
yarn run v1.22.4
$ cross-env NODE_ENV=development DISABLE_LOGGING=true keystone dev
β„Ή Command: keystone dev
βœ” Validated project entry file ./index.js
βœ” Keystone server listening on port 3000
βœ” Initialised Keystone instance
βœ– Connecting to database
{ Error: Cannot read property 'find' of undefined
    at Promise.all.then.results (/Users/caleb/Projects/school-dispatch/node_modules/@keystonejs/utils/dist/
    at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:68:7)
   { KnexAdapter:
      TypeError: Cannot read property 'find' of undefined
          at fieldAdapters.forEach.fieldAdapter (/Users/caleb/Projects/school-dispatch/node_modules/@keystonejs/adapter-knex/lib/adapter-knex.js:258:31)
          at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
          at KnexListAdapter._postConnect (/Users/caleb/Projects/school-dispatch/node_modules/@keystonejs/adapter-knex/lib/adapter-knex.js:257:24)
          at Object.values.forEach.listAdapter (/Users/caleb/Projects/school-dispatch/node_modules/@keystonejs/adapter-knex/lib/adapter-knex.js:73:19)
          at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
          at KnexAdapter.postConnect (/Users/caleb/Projects/school-dispatch/node_modules/@keystonejs/adapter-knex/lib/adapter-knex.js:72:38)
          at KnexAdapter.connect (/Users/caleb/Projects/school-dispatch/node_modules/@keystonejs/adapter-knex/node_modules/@keystonejs/keystone/lib/adapters/index.js:29:38)
          at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:68:7) } }
error Command failed with exit code 1.

Expected behaviour

I expected to be able to start up my demo project.

System information

  • OS: macOS (10.14.6)

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 3 years ago
  • Reactions:2
  • Comments:6 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

wini16commented, Mar 26, 2020

Hey @wcalebgray Had the same issue. It looks like a problem with version mismatch between @keystonejs/keystone and @keystonejs/adapter-knex I noticed that I had those in package.json: "@keystonejs/adapter-knex": "^7.0.0", "@keystonejs/keystone": "^6.0.1", after upgrade to: "@keystonejs/adapter-knex": "^7.0.0", "@keystonejs/keystone": "^7.0.0", keystone started working

timlesliecommented, Apr 8, 2020

This has been fixed in version 3.0.0 of create-keystone-app. Please try running the script at this new version and by all means re-open this ticket if you find the same/similar issues with the latest version.

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