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Syntax error in ie11 with nextjs

See original GitHub issue

Syntax error in ie11

-> class Dom7 ....

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  • Created 4 years ago
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catamphetaminecommented, Apr 17, 2019

So, you wouldn’t believe it but the “Swiper” library author @nolimits4web silently deleted my bug report from his repository: Very childish, rude and unprofessional. I guess I’ll have to look for better alternatives to the “Swiper” library.

In the meantime, for everyone having their Internet Explorer broken by the “Swiper” library here’s the workaround I found that stops the “Swiper” library from breaking Internet Explorer:

  • Go to Webpack configuration (webpack.config.js).
  • Find babel-loader there.
  • Modify its exclude from /node_modules/ (the default on the internet) to /node_modules[\/\\](?!(swiper|dom7)[\/\\])/ (I saw the idea in react-id-swiper’s package.json).
  • Now Webpack bundles the website while also actually transpiling dom7 and swiper packages (doing the work the dom7/swiper library author should have done before releasing those untranspiled).

Internet Explorer is still a popular browser in some areas. Breaking it is unacceptable.

Antonio-Lagunacommented, Sep 23, 2019

@mathishuettl FWIW I added a custom alias for swiper, something like this:

    'swiper': 'node_modules/swiper/dist/js/swiper.js',
    'swipercss': 'node_modules/swiper/dist/css/swiper.min.css'

Not ideal, not the best but does the trick.

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