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React should be a peer dependencies

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One think I noticed working on the AtlasMap POC is that I was getting the Invalid Hook Call Warning error in the console. Ultimately, it was due to @kogito/core-api declaring React as direct dependency, which causes for multiple versions of React being embedded in the bundle. Since AtlasMap is written solely using hooks, this issue come up immediately.

A quick workaround was to instruct WebPack to consider React an external dependency, but it would be better to make React and React DOM peer dependencies in the core-api package.

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  • Created 3 years ago
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riccardo-forinacommented, Jun 22, 2020

I mean, your project your rules 😄

Let’s say that this would be quite an exception in the npm ecosystem and would limit peers to use the provided template and tools (what if I don’t want to use webpack? Sure things like rollup allow for declaring external global dependencies, but I don’t see why adding this cognitive burden to users).

riccardo-forinacommented, Jul 10, 2020

Yup I think I’m with you. If I may, check out tsdx as a library boilerplate generator. It uses rollup under the hood that’s more suited to create libraries than webpack and makes working with this stuff easier.

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