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Dont use this.refs.chart.getChart

See original GitHub issue

In the you describe the update mechanism as follows:

 componentDidMount() {
    let chart = this.refs.chart.getChart();
    chart.series[0].addPoint({x: 10, y: 12});

  render() {
    return <ReactHighcharts config={config} ref="chart"></ReactHighcharts>;

this is not the react way it should be updated via the react state so for example:

componentDidMount() {
          { series: this.series(),
            xAxis: { categories: this.categories() }

    render() {
        return (<ReactHighcharts config={this.state}/>);

while the highchart config is represented as component stat

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madnightcommented, Mar 9, 2018

I think someone is programming a proper (reactive) version of react highcharts:

So this issue might be closed and people could be referred to this project, if they want a reactive approach.

madnightcommented, Sep 28, 2017

@haydencarlson sorry but i couldn’t disgree more, addPoint is the hack, modifing reacts state is the correct way, example:

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