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how to use highcharts-boost in files?

See original GitHub issue

Before Submitting an issue please reproduce it in JSBin using this setup: I install highcharts-boost and then require it in files like this require('highcharts-boost'); in my ReactHightcharts config i write like this boost: { useGPUTranslations: true }, but when i draw my page, i feel it does not work ,why ? what should i do ?

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  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:8

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vinaykashyap1206commented, May 28, 2018

@ilyjs @kirjs How to use highcharts boost along with highcharts more ? For react highcharts

kuzbidacommented, Feb 12, 2019

@ilyjs @kirjs boosting Highcharts works for me great. But I’ve issue with boosting ReactHighcharts.Highcharts. It still works badly for 150k items.

import ReactHighcharts from 'react-highcharts';
import Boost from 'highcharts/modules/boost';
"react-highcharts": "^16.0.2",
"highcharts": "^7.0.3"

Can you suggest anything? While boosting Highcharts itself - works great 😃

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