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Color output of keys and values like jq

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Awesome project! I’m dealing now with a lot of yml files to be processed in kubernetes…

Is there a way to parse and print the key values in color?

Maybe just the same colors as jq or like in the vim editor?

screen shot 2018-01-26 at 12 51 27 am

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maximbazcommented, Oct 18, 2018

I think it’s still worth doing as part of yq itself, many people use cat a.json | jq . to preview highlighted and prettified json, it is so tempting to use cat b.yaml | yq -y . to achieve the same for yaml files.

It’s okay if pygments is not ideal, just redirect people to their repo in case someone wants to report an issue.

kislyukcommented, Jan 28, 2018

You can pip install pygments and pipe the output of yq to pygmentize -l yaml to highlight in the terminal. Unfortunately the Pygments yaml highlighter is very drab and does not highlight much.

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