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KeyError: "checked" when trying to sync new checkbox in list

See original GitHub issue

I’m getting a checkbox list from my Google Keep and assigning it to glist, adding a checked checkbox item and trying to sync. That code is:

glist = keep.get("*********")
glist.add('Item 3', True)

I get the following error:

File "lib\site-packages\gkeepapi\", line 1176, in load
self._checked = raw['checked']
KeyError: 'checked'

I poked around and it looks like when when line 559 in is run, the variable “changes” is assigned with the checkbox not having a “checked” property. Here is line 559:

changes = self._keep_api.changes(
                nodes=[ for i in self._findDirtyNodes()],
                labels=[ for i in self._labels.values()] if labels_updated else None,

if I stop right before that code is run and run the param snippet from above: nodes=[ for i in self._findDirtyNodes()] you can see that the new ListItem has a property “checked = True”.

Stepping through line 559 in takes you to line 269 in, it’s the return for the self._keep_api.changes() function:

return self.send(
            url=self._base_url + 'changes',

The response you get from self.send() does not have the “checked” property anymore. It does have a “checked_ts_micro” property with a value of u'1521385638051000'. It looks like some measure of when the box was checked. If I run the original code with the checked param as False, glist.add('Item 3', False) ,that “checked_ts_micro” property has a value of u'0'.

This is as far as I gotten with investigating it. Not sure why it doesn’t return a “checked” property but it might be an easy fix to just add something like:

if: checked_ts_micro > 0:
    self.checked  = True
    self.checked  = False

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  • Created 6 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

kiwizcommented, Mar 26, 2018

@danielwossenu Finally managed to reproduce it. Hopefully the above change should fix the issue!

newbebcommented, Apr 1, 2018

There is a bug in the load(self, raw) function in where a string is getting loaded into _version and then comparison is failing due to “TypeError: unorderable types: str() > int()” on line 872 of

The value of _version is loaded from the JSON as a str if the baseVersion is present

self._version = raw['baseVersion'] if 'baseVersion' in raw else self._version

Which throws the “TypeError: unorderable types: str() > int()” in the save function

if not self.moved and self._version > 0:

I’ll do a pull request shortly.

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