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Adding git support

See original GitHub issue

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. Love the interface, would love the ability to sync tasks to multiple computers

Describe the solution you’d like Adding an optional git property to the config file that would auto git add . & git commit -m "Added task - Submitting a feature request to @personal" on each CRUD action (example here is on tb -t @personal Submitting a feature request.

Additional context Wouldn’t mind doing this myself, just thought I’d put it here first to prevent duplication of work.

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  • Created 5 years ago
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knappgcommented, Aug 8, 2018

Is the use of git here simply to use git as a storage provider or is there more? It seems like git is pretty different than the storage provider this project is using, which is a pretty basic JSON store.

Also, though git is popular, it seems a bit odd to be thinking of this program as a wrapper around git… if you wanted to use git, what if there was instead a way to customize post-command hooks that get run. That way you could hook up taskbook to add and commit within your storage directory after each command?

signorekaicommented, Aug 13, 2018

@knappg various event hooks would work nicely, will do that instead!

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