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Possible to dynamically inject files depends on the name of file to be injected ?

See original GitHub issue

I have a huge HTML file, with many files to inject, but it seems not DRY to do this:

var myTransform =  function (filepath, file) {
  return file.contents.toString('utf8');
  .pipe(inject(gulp.src('file1.html'),  { starttag: '<!-- inject:file1:html} -->'), transform: myTransform))
  .pipe(inject(gulp.src('file2.html'),  { starttag: '<!-- inject:file2:html} -->'), transform: myTransform))
  .pipe(inject(gulp.src('file3.html'),  { starttag: '<!-- inject:file3:html} -->'), transform: myTransform))
  .pipe(inject(gulp.src('file4.html'),  { starttag: '<!-- inject:file4:html} -->'), transform: myTransform))
  .pipe(inject(gulp.src('file5.html'),  { starttag: '<!-- inject:file5:html} -->'), transform: myTransform))
  .pipe(inject(gulp.src('file6.html'),  { starttag: '<!-- inject:file6:html} -->'), transform: myTransform))
  .pipe(inject(gulp.src('file7.html'),  { starttag: '<!-- inject:file7:html} -->'), transform: myTransform))
  .pipe(inject(gulp.src('file8.html'),  { starttag: '<!-- inject:file8:html} -->'), transform: myTransform))
  .pipe(inject(gulp.src('file9.html'),  { starttag: '<!-- inject:file9:html} -->'), transform: myTransform))

Any way to eliminate the duplication? Thanks!

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  • Created 9 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

JustMaiercommented, Jul 25, 2015

+1 here as well. Would be great if we could do something like:

.pipe(inject(gulp.src(['injects/*.html']), {
    starttag: '<!-- inject:{{filename}}:{{ext}} -->',
    transform: function (filePath, file) {
        return file.contents.toString('utf8')
zhecommented, Oct 31, 2015

Same here. I really prefer @JustMaier 's way which includes a {{filename}} option:

.pipe(inject(gulp.src(['injects/*.html']), {
    starttag: '<!-- inject:{{filename}}:{{ext}} -->',
    transform: function (filePath, file) {
        return file.contents.toString('utf8')
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