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Image.SetKill(true) does not work on DzSave

See original GitHub issue

I am having trouble aborting a DzSave call.

Sample Code:

using NetVips;


// setup parameters
var testImage = @"sample_640×426.tif";
var savePath = "output";
var saveName = savePath + "/" + "testPyramid";

if (!Directory.Exists(savePath))

// open image
using var image = Image.NewFromFile(testImage);

// start creation of pyramid in background task
VipsException? vipsException = null;
var createPyramidTask = Task.Run(() =>
            image.Dzsave(filename: saveName,
                tileSize: 10,
                overlap: 0,
                suffix: ".tif",
                depth: Enums.ForeignDzDepth.Onetile
        catch (VipsException ex)
            vipsException = ex;

var start = DateTime.Now;

// wait one second and set kill flag. Wait until task returns.
await Task.Run(async () =>

    while (DateTime.Now - start < TimeSpan.FromSeconds(2))

    Console.WriteLine("killflag set");
    await createPyramidTask.ConfigureAwait(false);

Console.WriteLine("duration {0}", DateTime.Now - start);
Console.WriteLine("is killed? {0}", image.IsKilled());
Console.WriteLine("exception: {0}", vipsException?.Message);


Directory.Delete(savePath, true);

Sample image is attached: sample_640× This gets the following output in the console:

killflag set
duration 00:00:11.4808162
is killed? True

So it says it was killed, but instead of terminating after abount 1 second, it more than 10 times as long. And looking in the output folder, the whole image pyramid was actually generated.

Does SetKill() not work on DzSave?

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  • State:closed
  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:5 (4 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

kleisaukecommented, Oct 1, 2022
jcupittcommented, Sep 21, 2022

Oh, good idea. The kill flag is checked in the thing that loops down the image, but of course that’s only checked once per line of tiles.

It could maybe go into strip_work() – that might be even quicker. I’ll add this to 8.13. Thanks!

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