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A question about "denominator" obtained by the function <_compute_normalizer>

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Thank you for your awesome work. I am confused about the calculation process of the denominator. Why do you need to perform additions for each step in the loop?

next_score = torch.logsumexp(next_score, dim=1)

I think that this operation is done at the end of the loop and does not need to be executed inside the loop. I am confused about this. Can you give me some explanation?

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  • Created 5 years ago
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kmkurncommented, Mar 18, 2019

Yes. Instead of sum, we do logsumexp. This is because we’re working in log probability space. Let me give an example.

Suppose we want to compute r, the sum two probabilities p and q. That is, r = p + q. This is straightforward to do. However, suppose now we’re working in log probability space. That is, we don’t have p and q, but we instead have x and y where x = log p and y = log q. Also, we now want to compute z = log r from x and y. How do we do that? Note that r = p + q = exp(x) + exp(y) and thus z = log(exp(x) + exp(y)). Notice how a sum in probability space (i.e. in terms of p, q, r) becomes a log-sum-exp in log probability space (i.e. in terms of x, y, z).

Hope this helps.

kmkurncommented, Mar 18, 2019

You’re welcome. Glad that I could help 😃

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