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Hey All!

When I have open a jupyter interactive console, I seem unable to get the usual VSCode operations to work. For example bar switch generates this:

[The below error was raised while handling the above exception(s)]
2021-06-18 16:39:35 ERROR cb error topic="phrase" cb=<bound method SpeechSystem.engine_event of <talon.scripting.speech_system.SpeechSystem object at 0x10b4b6ae0>>
   29:       lib/python3.9/* # cron thread
   28:       lib/python3.9/* 
   27:       lib/python3.9/* 
   26:                    talon/| 
   25:                    talon/| 
   24:          talon/scripting/| # 'cron' talon_plugins.engines.dragon:<lambda>()
   23:      talon/scripting/ | 
   22:      talon/scripting/| 
   21:      talon/scripting/| 
   20:      talon/scripting/| 
   19:          talon/scripting/| # 'phrase' main:_redispatch()
   18: talon/scripting/ | 
   17:      talon/scripting/| 
   16:      talon/scripting/| 
   15:      talon/scripting/| 
   14: ------------------------------------# cron thread
   13:          talon/scripting/| # 'phrase' main:engine_event()
   12: talon/scripting/| 
   11:       talon/scripting/ | 
   10:         talon/scripting/| 
    9:     talon/scripting/core/| 
    8:       talon/scripting/ | 
    7:         talon/scripting/| 
    6:     talon/scripting/core/| 
    5:       talon/scripting/ | 
    4:         talon/scripting/| 
    3:     talon/scripting/core/| 
    2:  talon/scripting/| 
    1:  talon/scripting/| 
 in script at /Users/Nick/.talon/user/knausj_talon/apps/vscode/vscode.talon:66:
 > user.vscode('workbench.action.toggleSidebarVisibility')
Exception: This editor is not active

Any suggestions?

macOS, if that helps

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  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:11

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nickeubankcommented, Jun 30, 2021

OK, rebasing with knausj again seems to be helping a lot, thanks! I’ll close!

Thanks so much!

nickeubankcommented, Jun 21, 2021

Thanks so much! I’ll report back after playing around for a while.

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