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The ctx. _matchedRoute is not the match route.

See original GitHub issue

node.js version: v13.0.1

npm/yarn and version: 6.12.0

koa-router version: 7.4.0 and i tried @koa/router v8.0.2, too.

koa version: 2.7.0

Code sample:

Now I have two routes, one is “/api/order/list” and another is “/api/order/:orderId” ,

const Router = require("koa-router");
const router = new Router({
    "prefix": "/api",

I want to log each request.I want the url I am recording to be the url of my own defined api, not the url directly with params.For example, when I request “”, I want to record that the url is “/api/order/:orderId” instead of “/api/order/57d52c52403f2ee865738ec7”,And when I request “”, I want to record that the url is “/api/order/list” instead of “/api/order/:orderId”. But ctx. _matchedRoute is not the route I requested.

Expected Behavior:

when I request “”, ctx. _matchedRoute is “/api/order/:orderId”

Actual Behavior:

ctx. _matchedRoute is “/api/order/list”

Additional steps, HTTP request details, or to reproduce the behavior or a test case:

i have the four screenshots.


image ctx.matched image


image ctx.matched image

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  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:11 (7 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

niftylettucecommented, Jun 30, 2020

@koa/router v9.1.0 released to npm and mirrored to koa-router as well

mdenisovcommented, Jun 30, 2020

@niftylettuce I transferred this PR from the original repo and this fix solves this problem. Works great on my project 😃

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