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Serving name.html files under /name as well as /name.html ?

See original GitHub issue

Any plans to support serving static html files on their “basename path”? That is for example http-server, github pages, and others, serve .html files both under /name.html and /name by default, so the index page would be accessible at:

  • /
  • /index
  • /index.html

And a non-index page at:

  • /page
  • /page.html

For me specifically I need to save my html files with an .html extension, serve them as simply as possible (static folder serve), and view them through an URL without the .html extension (since it’s cleaner and a common pattern for wikis).

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  • Created 8 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

tjcommented, Dec 29, 2015

duplicate content? maybe as an option, but this will be bad for SEO as a default unless it’s a redirect (maybe as separate middleware or rewrite)

nicluocommented, Jan 25, 2017

I’m using koa v2, koa-static v3, koa-mount v2, it just works right out of the box. 😃

app.use(mount('/public', serve('public', {extensions: ['.html']})));

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