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Cloud API firmware 2.x.x

See original GitHub issue

Hi guys, I have almost everything ready to make the Cloud API possible:

  • cloud discovery
  • cloud aws login
  • suscribe to topics in the cloud to receive state updates
  • make changes in the state to set preferences ( schedule, bust, etc)

But i dont found the correct topic and message content to send basic commands like start or stop. Anybody sniff that data? or has that data?

My sniff data is weired and malformed, i dont know if my sslsplit is showingme the info in the correct encoding. When I send a command with my phone over the cloud I see some bytes in the comunication but no one string like topic o json message.

can anybody help?

here is the working snippet:

const AWSIoTData = require('aws-iot-device-sdk');
const AWS = require('aws-sdk');
const request = require('request-promise');
// install with: npm install aws-iot-device-sdk aws-sdk request-promise request

const ROBOT_BLID = ''; // same as local api
const ROBOT_PASSWORD = ''; // same as local api
const APP_ID = ''; // like IOS-12345678-1234-1234-1234-123456789098

function cloudDiscovery () {
  var requestOptions = {
    'method': 'GET',
    'uri': `${ROBOT_BLID}`,
    'json': true
  return request(requestOptions);

function cloudLogin () {
  return cloudDiscovery().then(function (discoveryData) {
    var postData = {
      'associations': {
        '0': {
          'robot_id': ROBOT_BLID,
          'deleted': false,
          'password': ROBOT_PASSWORD
      'app_id': APP_ID

    var requestOptions = {
      'method': 'POST',
      'headers': {
        'Content-Type': 'application/json',
        'User-Agent': 'aspen/ CFNetwork/808.2.16 Darwin/16.3.0'
      'uri': `${discoveryData.httpBase}/v1/login`,
      'body': postData,
      'json': true

    return request(requestOptions).then((rawLoginResponse) => {
      return {login: rawLoginResponse.associations['0'], credentials: rawLoginResponse.credentials, discovery: discoveryData};

function initMQTT (amazonData) {
  var awsConfiguration = {
    poolId: amazonData.credentials.CognitoId,
    region: amazonData.discovery.awsRegion

  var AWSConfiguration = awsConfiguration;

  var clientId = ROBOT_BLID + '-' + (Math.floor((Math.random() * 100000) + 1));

  AWS.config.region = AWSConfiguration.region;

  AWS.config.credentials = new AWS.CognitoIdentityCredentials({
    IdentityPoolId: AWSConfiguration.poolId

  const mqttClient = AWSIoTData.device({
    region: AWS.config.region,
    clientId: clientId,
    protocol: 'wss',
    maximumReconnectTimeMs: 8000,
    debug: true,
    accessKeyId: amazonData.credentials.AccessKeyId,
    secretKey: amazonData.credentials.SecretKey,
    sessionToken: amazonData.credentials.SessionToken

  mqttClient.on('connect', function (e) {
    console.log('connect!', e);

    mqttClient.subscribe('$aws/things/' + ROBOT_BLID + '/shadow/#'); // all subtopics

    // const cmd = {'state': {'desired': {'cleanSchedule': {'cycle': ['none', 'none', 'none', 'none', 'none', 'none', 'none'], 'h': [17, 10, 10, 12, 10, 13, 17], 'm': [0, 30, 30, 0, 30, 30, 0]}}}};
    // mqttClient.publish('$aws/things/' + ROBOT_BLID + '/shadow/update', JSON.stringify(cmd));

  mqttClient.on('reconnect', function () {

  mqttClient.on('message', function (t, m) {
    console.log('topic:', t);

  mqttClient.on('delta', function (m) {
  mqttClient.on('status', function (m) {

  mqttClient.on('data', function (m) {

  mqttClient.on('error', function (e) {

  mqttClient.on('packetreceive', function (m) {

cloudLogin().then((credentialData) => {

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

koalazakcommented, Mar 3, 2017

you promise that i can not get a loop of start AND stop commands now? :p

koalazakcommented, Mar 3, 2017

oh crap, that works but the robot now is receiving the start command every second :p. let me kwno if you can stop it :p

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