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Wrong class in documentation generation

See original GitHub issue


I might be missing something, but in one of API endpoints, I implemented a PATCH operation, which takes a DocumentType as parameter. This is however one of our custom models, and not the DocumentType defined in several namespaces.

The import statements etc are all correct, as is the annotations. When running the maven build, my documentation get’s generated, however the output contains the wrong DocumentType class. It’s as if the plugin seems to take the first matching class, and not the one I specified.

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  • Created 5 years ago
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coding-bunnycommented, Apr 27, 2018

not getting much difference unfortunately.

  1. I’ve removed the ModelConverter as requested, so the pom.xml was reduced in configuration.
  2. Updated my ApiReader to be even more simple, to not convert/change anything.
public class SwaggerExtendedApiReader extends JaxrsReader {

	public SwaggerExtendedApiReader(Swagger swagger, Log log) {
		super(swagger, log);

	 * <p>
	 * Override the public read method, and enforce the reading of hidden operations.
	 * </p>
	public Swagger read(Class<?> cls) {
		return read(cls, "", null, true, new String[0], new String[0], new HashMap<String, Tag>(), new ArrayList<Parameter>());

So it simply exposes hidden APIs when it’s used, otherwise relies on the standard implementation. Swagger still seems to be using some kind of different class for the example unfortunately:


I have no idea to what this is being mapped, but it doesn’t resemble a single class we have in use for our code.

coding-bunnycommented, Apr 27, 2018

Tried setting the springmvc configuration to false, did not seem to have any direct result/difference on the generated documentation.

Here’s a link to the gist for the fully generated swagger file:

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