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include multiple import path?

See original GitHub issue

the protoc compilation support --proto_path= to be specified multiple times, but this project seems not? because in a real large project, there are multiple proto definition files in a complex hierarchy …

$ protoc --help
Usage: protoc [OPTION] PROTO_FILES
Parse PROTO_FILES and generate output based on the options given:
  -IPATH, --proto_path=PATH   Specify the directory in which to search for
                              imports.  May be specified multiple times;
                              directories will be searched in order.  If not
                              given, the current working directory is used.

  -oFILE,                     Writes a FileDescriptorSet (a protocol buffer,
    --descriptor_set_out=FILE defined in descriptor.proto) containing all of
                              the input files to FILE.

I read the code seems requiring the include to be one string only?

While, I’ve tried to touch the code a bit if I can make it working, but the grpc.load({ file: p, root: include }) call seems undocumented? the Documentation will definitely need to be improved, while, do you know if it support multiple include proto path?

Another possibility is I see protoc can compile the complex hierarchy *.proto into a single protoset binary file, and it’s well supported by tools like grpcurl Are you aware if nodejs-grpc has similar protoset-files support? And add into this tool if possible

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  • Created 5 years ago
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nicolasnoblecommented, Sep 27, 2018

Right, that’s why we have the new proto-loader API, that offers a bit more options when it comes to this problem.

c0bcommented, Oct 1, 2018

I can possibly try to make a PR to use @grpc/proto-loader ; while I am waiting some response from dcodeIO/protobuf.js#1117 the protoset is a different approach to tackle multi *.proto files situation

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