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Some parser errors

See original GitHub issue

These three lines are legal syntax but show an error:

[V,~] = eig(S);   % at the bracket after the `~`: "'...' or <expression> expected, got ']'"
t = V{:,ii};      % "':' unexpected"
pxsz(end+1:length(v)) = pxsz(end); % at the `+`: "',' or '...' expected, got '+'"

Similarly, in a function definition,

function res = istensor(~)

gives an error for unexpected ~ (it indicates that one input argument is accepted but not used).

In classdef files,

properties (Access=private)

is parsed correctly, but

properties (Dependent)

shows an error at the closing bracket saying “‘=’ expected”.

The setter function

function img = set.Array(img,data)

shows an error at the dot: “‘.’ unexpected”. The same is true for getter methods, which start with get..

When overloading the end function, the parser also throws a fit:

function ii = end(a,k,n)

It seems that end is marked as a reserved keyword. It is true that it is not legal to use it as a variable name, but it is OK as a function name because it can be overloaded for custom classes.

Yes, MATLAB syntax is terrible… 😃

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kornilova203commented, Dec 12, 2018

I fixed some of them

  1. tilda in function parameters b24cf9189dabc999fe8fcbbfa5ca257f28a694df
  2. tilda in groped return values 2f29aedcd1270dcfded440f8987a93489fe9a20e
  3. cell arrays d7910870c7bf4d9cf6c87742e335e69264e64e04
  4. meta classes, getters/setters, property attributes without values 34bc00b4816cea050baef8f73949fcc0aaad1963
crisluengocommented, Dec 12, 2018

I appreciate this immensely. It is fantastic being able to work on both the C++ and MATLAB portions of my project in the same editor!

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