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So I finally managed to get the dependencies working proerply in combination with jme3 😃

	protected void initialize(Application app) {
		this.rendererapp = app;
		fontTexture = IO.INSTANCE.getFonts().getTexDataAsRGBA32();
                //TODO pack into jme texture and upload after this

I try to roughly follow the generic lwjgl3 binding already provided, but bring it into a jme appstate. Am I missing some other required call in before?

I get some kind of assertion from the depth of the font system, sadly I do not really understand the reason for this:

    fun addCustomRectRegular(id: Int, width: Int, height: Int): Int {
        assert(id >= 0x10000 && width in 0..0xFFFF && height in 0..0xFFFF)
        val r = CustomRect() = id
        r.width = width
        r.height = height
        return customRects.lastIndex

width is 181, height is 27, but id is -2147483648. The call comes from here:

    fun buildRegisterDefaultCustomRects() {
        if (customRectIds[0] < 0)
            customRectIds[0] = addCustomRectRegular(, DefaultTexData.wHalf * 2 + 1, DefaultTexData.h)

Sadly I’m missing kotlin knowledge & ide support support a bit, and cannot figure out why the id has that value (or where it actually comes from)

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elect86commented, Feb 23, 2018

Oh shit, I didn’t have -ea on my test configuration…

Anyway, fixed that, I then caught another assert… I’ll check that with calm, but in the meanwhile I commented it so imgui can work

Sylvyrfyshcommented, Feb 11, 2019

Hi! Friendly reminder that there has been no activity here for over a month and this appears to be fixed. If you wish to keep this open, please respond with what still is an issue, or this will be closed in a week. Thanks!

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