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Add support for Meross lights (like the MSL120B)

See original GitHub issue

I have a Meross light bulb model MSL120B. It is not automatically detected by your component. This is the message it publishes when powered on:

	"header": {
		"messageId": "78d740c90859d05fc18036e7fb9e6c75",
		"namespace": "Appliance.Control.Light",
		"method": "PUSH",
		"payloadVersion": 1,
		"from": "/appliance/1912126573785090806548e1e9131505/publish",
		"timestamp": 1616667203,
		"timestampMs": 450,
		"sign": "71d77e14018753b9de7a1e055d626e2f"
	"payload": {
		"light": {
			"onoff": 1,
			"capacity": 6,
			"channel": 0,
			"rgb": 16753920,
			"temperature": 100,
			"luminance": 100,
			"transform": 0

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

wsw70commented, Apr 17, 2021

Great thread, reads like a Tom Clancy book. A few comments:

And now that entity appears as unavailable. Did I make any mistake or might it be your component doesn’t support that kind of renaming yet?

I noticed that with Meross devices, it seems that the information is not updated reliably in that case. If you switch the plug on and off (with the button), does it become available? (it works in my case)

I’m just testing, but if I had, say, 30 Meross devices connected and was told that I was going to “delete this integration”, I don’t know if I would have confirmed

I had the same comment to the creator of the Shelly integration 😃

krahabbcommented, May 25, 2021

Yeah, I guess I’ve finally figured out what the issue is, at least the hidden reason behind: I have some new devices which I’m currently working on and they experience the same behaviour when I send them a ‘malformed’ packet (like incorrect spell or missing keys and so on). When this happens the device firmware behave like it’s crashing in software and so it reboots the device. So this is probably happening with the MSL120B. The unexpected behaviour is that the MSL120B crashes right on discovery where other devices with the same supposedly malformed packets are working right. I will try to investigate online if there’s a better description of meross packets syntax but in the end I’ve already programmed a purchase of the MSL120B so to have real testing and not guesses and hopefully fix this. Like I said, while I’m currently working on the code, there’s a lot of development going on so I can’t say this will be a ‘quick’ fix (unless it is really quick when I’ll receive the new bulbs) Thank you for reporting this. I hope you’ll enjoy the functioning part at least 😃

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