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Not all frameworks are created equal. Are we comparing apples to oranges?

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I would like to revisit and understand the goals of this project. If anyone knows, please let me know 🙏 @krausest @leeoniya

I use js-framework-benchmark all the time to see how my frameworks fare against other VirtualDOM-based libraries, e.g., Inferno, React, domvm, etc., as well as the vanilla JavaScript implementation.

But not all frameworks are created equal and some of the results derived from this benchmark test can be rather uninformative. 😅

I certainly want to compare my results against a vanilla JavaScript implementation of the same example. That’s how I know how I fare against the “raw metal”, but I am disappointed every time I see a new framework claiming to be blazing / lightning fast & turbo-boosted when they are basically a glorified wrapper around createElement, insertBefore and removeChild.

Clearly a wrapper library around the CRUD DOM API will score just as well as the vanilla implementation! But certainly their authors would like to fine tune their work too.

Would it be possible to compare only VirtualDOM-based libraries together and those that are not based on a VirtualDOM visible under a different filter?

Disclaimer: I am not trying to criticize any of the frameworks included in this benchmark, whether I like using some of them or not is my personal opinion and it’s definitely not what I am trying to say here.

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krausestcommented, Aug 13, 2017

Maybe I also should add my 2 ct. @jbucaran > I would like to revisit and understand the goals of this project. I just wanted to know how angular 2, angularjs or react compared performance wise. Then suddenly all went out of control and ~60 framework implementations were added. At the same time it turned out that Angular 2 and React actually were almost indistinguishably fast. 😀

Seriously: I’m not fond of restricting the benchmark to virtual dom frameworks - as a developer I’m just asking for a framework maybe combined with a language with a nice API and good performance. Personally I appreciate the honesty of idiomatic implementations close to the framework’s docs (if such exist…).

leeoniyacommented, Aug 9, 2017

if anyone’s ever confused about @localvoid’s vague comments, he’s usually trolling 😄

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