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SyntaxError in `npx svg-to-ts --conversionType files`

See original GitHub issue

I try using svg-to-ts via npx: $ npx svg-to-ts --conversionType files -s ./icons -o ./iconDist

I got following output:

👷 Hi I am svg-to-ts - let's build an awesome icon library
svg-to-ts: ℹ️ We are using the conversion type "files"
svg-to-ts: ✔ Deleting the output folder
svg-to-ts: ✔ Processing SVG files
svg-to-ts: ✔ Generate SVG constants
svg-to-ts: ✔ Generate Type Helper
svg-to-ts: ✔ Generate barrel file
svg-to-ts: ✖ Generate model file
svg-to-ts: SyntaxError: Type expected. (3:27)
  1 | /* 🤖 this file was generated by svg-to-ts*/
  2 | 
> 3 |     export type myIcons = ;export interface MyIcon{
    |                           ^
  4 |         name: myIcons;
  5 |         data: string;}

node version: v16.13.1 ppm version: 8.1.2

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  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:8 (5 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Garbeecommented, Jan 18, 2022

I’m hitting this same issue as well. For context what I’m doing is running it against @material-design-icons/svg located in node_modules (a few directories up due to some other project issues I’m working on.)

Running with svg-to-ts --config={path} in my package.json script for this.

Sample config:

const path = require('path');

const outputDirectory = path.resolve(__dirname, '..', 'test-icon-output');

const svgToTsConfig = {
  srcFiles: ['../../../node_modules/@material-design-icons/svg/**/*.svg'],
  conversionType: 'files',
  interfaceName: 'MyIcon',
  typeName: 'MyIconName',
  generateType: true,
  iconsFolderName: 'generated',
  delimiter: 'SNAKE',
  modelFileName: 'whatever-icon.model',
  barrelFileName: 'generated-icons-barrel',
  svgoConfig: {
    plugins: [
  compileSources: false,

module.exports = svgToTsConfig;

Still doing some digging to try and see where the root cause is. Perhaps the extra details of what I’m targeting to convert may be useful though.


Just figured out part of my problem. The relative path for source files was running from where the command was, not the file. I updated my config to make srcDir in the same way as the output directory. Then appended **/*.svg to it for the srcFiles config.

I’m now past the outright failure and onto other issues to try and figure out.

kreuzerkcommented, Mar 31, 2022

@Garbee Thx a lot for the feedback. Feel free to open another issue once you know which source file namings caused the failure. Thx for the collaboration 👍

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