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Route priorities

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Hi, in my project I along with route path like /welcome, /sign_in (specific string matched) I have also path /:id. I’ve found only way to match this route is to place it on top of routes so it looks like:

const routes = [
  { path: '/:id', name: 'idRoute' },
  { path: '/welcome', name: 'welcome' },
  { path: '/sign_in', name: 'signIn' }

And it seems kind of strange for routes to be resolved bottom->top, wouldn’t it make more sense to go top->bottom? So it checks all routes first and if none matches then it comes to /:id ?

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  • Created 7 years ago
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frenzzycommented, Aug 5, 2016

Yes, because the action method of a route will have to return anything different from undefined to stop iterating and finish routing process.

const anyRoute = {
  path: '/'
  action() {
    if (condition) {
      return undefined // skip this route
    return 'page'


frenzzycommented, Aug 5, 2016

The ordering works the same way as in express. So :id param matches everything and next route will not be called. Playground:

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