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Support Node.js domains

See original GitHub issue

Some helpful comments from @mikeal on a probable strategy for supporting domains. This would help, from what I understand, in two situations:

  1. Putting exceptions thrown by .done() into the current domain.
  2. When an event emitter or other domain-using callback library is used inside a fulfillment or rejection handler, and throws an error, it would escape Q but wouldn’t escape the domain. E.g.
return Q.resolve().then(function () {
    doSomethingAsyncWithoutPromises(function (err, whatever) {
        // Q doesn't catch this, but domains would if we wired it up right.

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  • Created 11 years ago
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behradcommented, Nov 24, 2015

@danawoodman That section in Kue docs is older than domains deprecation, so please create an issue in Kue to update the docs.

danawoodmancommented, Nov 22, 2015

Sorry, I was referring to a linked issue above in kue where they recommend using domains despite their deprecation:

Read more comments on GitHub >

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