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Chart is squished if it is initially hidden

See original GitHub issue


based on version 0.1.1: based on version 1.0.1:

Repro steps

Wrap the chart in a div that is initially hidden Unhide that div (e.g. using ng-click and ng-show)


chart is full width


Chart is squished on the left side.


If you trigger the window resize event manually after unhiding, the chart resizes itself properly.

window.dispatchEvent(new Event('resize'));

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

cs-NETcommented, Mar 6, 2016

@claycephas thanks for the workaround. I decided to switch ng-show over to ng-if which also resolves the issue. Thought I would share for others looking for a quick workaround.

rishabhbhatiacommented, Mar 15, 2017

Hi can someone help, this is still a big pain point for me. I have 4 graphs on screen, replacing ng-show with ng-if solved some part of rendering problem. The graphs rendered correctly, but if i toggle inspect element open/close or resize the window multiple times, all graphs are shrunk & shifted to left. Can someone help me to make this work, when window resizes dynamically.

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