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tickFormat does not format the displayed values

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Hello everybody, I’m using a ‘discreteBarChart’ with: showValues: true, yAxis: { tickFormat: function(d) { return myLocale.numberFormat('.,4f')(d); } } ‘myLocale’ has the following attributes: var myLocale = d3.locale({ decimal: ',', thousands: '.', ... }); The values on the yAxis are well formated and displayed with ‘,’ as decimal separator, but the Y values on the top of the bars are not formatted and displayed with ‘.’ as decimal separator and ‘,’ as thousands separator. Do you have an idea how can I get the Y values on the top of the bars formatted as I want? Thank you! unformatted y values on the top of the bars

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  • State:closed
  • Created 8 years ago
  • Comments:5 (2 by maintainers)

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krispocommented, Mar 9, 2016

add one more option

chart: {
  valueFormat: function(d){
    return myLocale.numberFormat('.,4f')(d);
rkdhanyakulacommented, May 19, 2017

Dear @krispo Here I am trying to remove the decimals every where on the chart. I tried the above , But I Cannot.

For Example : 11.0000 to only 11

Here is my Code :

$scope.regUsersChartOptions = {
			            chart: {
			                type: 'pieChart',
			                height: 500,
			                x: function(d){return d.monthName;},
			                y: function(d){return d.monthFreq;},
			                showLabels: true,
			                "showLegend": false,
			                duration: 500,
			                labelThreshold: 0.01,
			                labelSunbeamLayout: true,
			                legend: {
			                    margin: {
			                        top: 5,
			                        right: 35,
			                        bottom: 5,
			                        left: 0
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