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Does not work with customized project root

See original GitHub issue

Hiya, I have a RN 0.59.2 project with config that looks like this:

const path = require("path");

const { getDefaultConfig } = require("metro-config");

module.exports = (async () => {
  const {
    resolver: { sourceExts, assetExts }
  } = await getDefaultConfig();

  return {
    transformer: {
      getTransformOptions: async () => ({
        transform: {
          experimentalImportSupport: false,
          inlineRequires: false
      babelTransformerPath: require.resolve("react-native-svg-transformer")
    resolver: {
      assetExts: assetExts.filter(ext => ext !== "svg"),
      sourceExts: [...sourceExts, "svg"],

      extraNodeModules: {
        shared: path.resolve(__dirname, "../shared")
    // Move the project root up a level so we can access /shared, otherwise the packager can't access those assets.
    projectRoot: path.resolve(__dirname, "../")

I’m seeing the same issue from #14, but as far as I can tell the only difference between our configs is the moved project root and extra node module. Any ideas?


"react": "16.8.3",
"react-native": "^0.59.2",
"react-native-svg": "^9.3.7",
"react-native-svg-transformer": "^0.12.1",

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AnimaSAcommented, Apr 2, 2019

Following up on this, I was running my packager with react-native start. As it turns out, RNCLI does not care about metro.config.js when you run it this way. Mind boggling.

Edit: Unless you pass --config metro.config.js Then it’ll load. Brilliant.

kristerkaricommented, May 14, 2020

@AshwinMekala I’m trying to keep the README as clean as possible, and this seems to be either a bug in some version of React Native CLI, or related to some very specific configuration.

I need some kind of example/demo of the exact problem that helps me to verify it before it can be added to the README.

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