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I love that you print default value and index info in a docstring.

I noticed @slonik/typegen prints type information too.

This would probably be noise in many cases, like text for string, when there is one “obvious” mapping of the TS type to the PG type. But in on other cases, it might be nice to know, and have the info at your fingertips in your IDE as you develop. Eg;

interface Foo {
   * Type: int 
   * Index: foo_bar
  bar: number; 

What do you think?

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rattrayalexcommented, Apr 19, 2021

Sorry, yes – fixed!

Yeah, the tag style just looks different in many syntax highlighters, including GitHub’s and VSCode’s. It helps distinguish “this is an attribute of the thing the comment describes” as opposed to “This is some human-written prose talking about the thing the comment describes”. It could also be used for certain kinds of automated tooling like a jsdoc-to-documentation-website generator, but that isn’t my intent.

I don’t feel strongly about the tag format, just wanted to suggest it since if you add every piece of information postgres knows about a table/column/etc, it might get unreadable without good delineation of some kind.

rattrayalexcommented, Aug 23, 2022

Cool, that’s awesome to hear! I’m not working with a db these days so I won’t be able to test it myself sadly, but excited for the next pg project I have so I can try it out!

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