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Adding files to variants

See original GitHub issue

(I know this is not really a bug report, but I don’t know where else to ask questions - I’m happy to convert this into a wiki page as an example usage though)

Hello and thank you for maintaining this project. At Mozilla we are trying to use this for the following use case:

We have a product called Focus at which currently is English only.

We localize the product by exporting an en.XLIFF file to our localization volunteers and we get back XLIFF files for other locales. To import these we run xcodebuild -importLocalizations -localizationPath l10n/nl.xliff for example. This spits out .strings files in the proper .lproj directories.

The problem is that xcodebuild only generates the files. It does not actually add them to the project.

This is where pbxproj comes in. I’d like to use it to find for example the PBXVariantGroup for Localizable.strings and then add a PBXFileReference reference for it.lproj/Localizable.strings to it.

However, we are lost in the complexity of both the Xcode projects and the pbxproj API.

My question to you is if we can get some help to find out how to do this. I’m happy to turn the end result in some reusable code that anyoen can use. Or a blog post or a wiki page.


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Rex-Appiercommented, Dec 18, 2020


Is this feature done or included in current stable build

kronenthalercommented, Jan 9, 2017

Thanks for the files, i took a look at the way Xcode imports the files, and i saw some funny behaviors when importing the .xliff file with the Editor > Import localization menu.

Note to self: so far, this is what i manage to gather: - special folder .lproj - has to add all items under the .lproj folder into the PBXFileReference section - create if not exist a PBXVariantGroup with the name of the file under .lproj - get the PBXVariantGroup created (or existing) and add the fileRef’s id as a children - add the PBXVariantGroup in the buildFile section as a resource build phase of the target

I will try to tackle this this week/weekend.

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