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Support local jar references in @file:DependsOn

See original GitHub issue

I’m struggling to understand how I’m supposed to get access to my local libraries in kscript. I have simple file :

#! /usr/bin/env kscript
import se.explodera.util.sql.OracleDBFileLoader

where the imported class can be found in a jar file on the environment classpath. But when I run the script I get the message

error: unresolved reference: se
import se.explodera.util.sql.OracleDBFileLoader

Do I really have to add my local jar file to a maven repository?

When I try to print the classpath from within my code it seems to be limited to kotlin-runner.jar. Is this by design, or am I doing something wrong?

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  • Created 3 years ago
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holgerbrandlcommented, Feb 13, 2021

Indeed it’s suboptimal from a user experience perspective. I’ve changed the title to reflect the idea better. I guess it should be addressed eventually by either extending the existing DependsOn annotation or by adding a new one. PRs are welcome.

aartiPlcommented, Nov 27, 2022

Great that you want to take on this task - I appreciate that!

src/test/kotlin/io/github/kscripting/kscript - here you can find unit tests. maybe e.g. recursive reading of jar/aar files can be tested here. /integration/kotlin/io/github/kscripting/kscript/integration - all the integration tests have its home in this directory; most probably those tests will be more important to fully test the feature.

Just prepare a first version of PR - I will have a look at it, and advice how to proceed if needed.

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