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Unit testing support for helper classes

See original GitHub issue

Hi, I have seen but that seems focused on testing scripts themselves. Testing the kts file is not something I’m interested in because:

  • scripts can be long and complicated
  • they can involve disk and network dependencies that are hard to involve in tests
  • They can require user input
  • Their outputs may not be simple, such as generating files

Instead, I am interested in traditional junit tests for helper functions and classes that the script uses.

I would be open to seeing how to do this outside of kscript - but I feel like kscript might need internal changes to make this work well because:

  • the generated project with --idea would ideally support showing and running the tests
  • Packaging the script (--package) would ideally skip any dependencies that are for test only (such as junit)

While I’m not sure exactly what this would look like, here is one idea I can propose.

Imagine a setup with three files

  • MyScript.kts
  • MyHelper.kt
  • MyHelperTest.kt

Where MyScript uses MyHelper class, and MyHelperTest has tests for the MyHelper class.

The MyHelperTest.kt can declare test dependencies with an annotation indicating it is for testing only.


MyScript.kts can declare files that contain tests


Then the nice behavior that kscript could provide is

  • Intellij project created with --idea would put the test files in a test sources folder and add testImplementation dependencies. Tests would run with junit out of the box
  • running the script or packaging it with kscript would skip the test files and dependencies (to speed up compilation and reduce dependency size)
  • A new command like kscript --test could enable easy testing of all of a script’s tests

I could potentially help with this implementation if there is support and alignment! Thank you for the consideration.

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  • Created 4 years ago
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holgerbrandlcommented, Nov 8, 2019

Sure that would be great. If you could potentially also add some bits to the user_guide illustrating the discussed approach for script testing it would be perfect.

elihartcommented, Nov 6, 2019

@egor-n thanks for sharing your approach. That seems reasonable if you don’t mind the overhead of creating a permanent gradle project to house your scripts, which I would like to avoid (although maybe it could be a good fallback option)

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