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Is nested path params supported?

See original GitHub issue

Trying to simulate the URL structure like I’ve got these routes:

const routes = {
	'/': () => <Home />,
	'/user': () => <User />,
	'/user/:repo': () => <Repo />,
	'/user/:repo/issues': () => <Issues />,
	'/user/:repo/issues/:issue_id': () => <Issue />,

I expect <Issue /> shall be invoked and shown on screen when I visit :


and I could access issue_id (which should be 222) like this:

const [path, pairs] = usePathParams('/user/:repo/issues/:issue_id')

But for some reasons <Issue /> never showed on screen.

Did I miss something in the route config?

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  • Created 10 months ago
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n33pmcommented, Nov 7, 2022

These are only legal and supported URL characters but there is no need do support these characters in the route matcher.

In my humble opinion keep it simple. each additional character ( route matcher ) can lead to unexpected problems.

coodoocommented, Nov 8, 2022

Actually I agree with everyone here on keeping it simple is good, also not supporting _ is really not that of a big deal, just make sure to note that in the doc so future users know ahead of time! 🙌

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